Introduction of University's Faculties

Faculty of Art Department of Music

Small-group instruction done by players who represent Japan. We offer complete facilities and a wide range of experiences in collaboration with other departments. We also collaborate with the Pacific Music Festival of Sapporo, the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, and the Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru.

Piano Course

Enhance your musicality and gain the ability to be deeply involved through the extensive study of composers throughout the ages, the background of musical composition, and the development of each era.

Vocal Course

Maintain the basics and learn vocalization and expressiveness revolving around it. Also, challenge advanced pieces in your 4th year.

Orchestral Course

Build your foundation as a performer and musician through private lessons. We put importance on cooperation that shares values through the experience of collectives such as ensembles, wind bands, and orchestras putting together a single collaborative work.

Composition / Sound Creation Course

Select and learn elements that suit the music you want to create from various fields of sound creation such as composition, arrangement, sound design, recording, and mixing.

Electric Organ Course

Gain the skills of composition and arrangement by learning the arrangement of classical songs. You can also learn ensembles between electronic organs and ensembles with other musical instruments.

Music Therapy Course

Learn a good balance of clinical knowledge, music skills, and communication skills required for human service work to be a music therapist who can cater to the needs of medical care, welfare, and the local community.

Integrated Music Course

Choose two or more minors and challenge various musical instruments and fields. Those who aim to become directors of piano, chorus, or wind bands can also learn hands-on direction through "practical teaching materials."

Faculty of Art Department of Art and Design

After experiencing a wide-range expression in art and design, choose a specialty that suits you and pursue it.
Artist and designer instructors that are active in Hokkaido will support everyone and develop the next generation expressers and planners who will support the society.

Oil Painting

Look at yourself through drawings, search for methods of expression you need, and deepen your own world of work while acquiring basic formative skills.

Japanese Painting

Open up new expression that only you can do through Japanese paintings while learning about the traditional art materials and techniques that Japanese paintings have.


With a background in the history of printmaking, learn specialized knowledge, advanced skills, and deepen your understanding of the process through work production. You will not only learn self-expression, but you will also learn the importance of having a broad perspective, such as the ability to communicate to the world and understand others.


You will acquire three-dimensionality and skills, and explore self-expression through production using various materials such as wood, stone, and metal, including molding.

Photography, Video and Media Art

Explore original methods of expression across the medium, regardless whether it is analog or digital. Deepen your consideration about the relationship between skills and expression while focusing on the characteristics of each medium.

Graphic and Illustration

In addition to acquiring the method of expression required by designers and illustrators, you will develop the ability to visually convey ideas that come from observations and concepts.

Information and Product Design

We will design new products, services, and experiences considering the relationship between people and objects. Learn the thought process and method of expression required by designers, and acquire the ability to suggest.

Fashion and Digital Fabrication

You will learn not only all the knowledge and skills related to fashion, from planning design, pattern, sewing, and sales, but also learn a wide range of fields, from learn a wide range of fields, from acquiring skills that uses CAD and 3D printers to photography.

Faculty of Sociology Department of Community Studies

We offer social studies that solve community issues concerning community management, corporate management, community welfare and community education, community design, tourism and local production, and information and media.

Course on Administrative Law

A course to develop active human resources for local governments such as Hokkaido and the municipalities by gaining the ability to accurately grasp local issues, solve them, and manage appropriate involvement of the local community.

Course on Economic Management

This is a course to learn about the management and administration methods of companies that lead markets. Focusing on "innovation" in particular, you will learn hands-on how to develop new products and services and introduce them to the market.

Course on Education and Welfare

We develop human resources that can nurture welfare well suited to the 21st century through a wide range of learning regarding education, welfare, and sports based on three keywords: child welfare, community care, and sports education.

Course on Tourism and Media

This course develops human resources who can learn from a glocal perspective and engage in activities that contribute to society from various standpoints on a wide range of local issues centered on community design, tourism and local production, and information and media.

Introduction of Junior College's Department

Department of Early Childhood Education

Sapporo Otani Junior College's Department of Early Childhood Education offers a 2-year course to train kindergarten teachers and childcare workers. With a history of over half a century since establishment, we have adopted the educational goal of "developing highly sensitive childcare workers with a field of expertise and practical skills" and have since produced a large number of childcare workers.

Department of Early Childhood Education

In addition to the curriculum that provides the knowledge, skills, and theory necessary to become a childcare worker, we offer elective courses for each student to extend their field of expertise. Another major feature of the curriculum is the routine, repeated on-site training at affiliated kindergartens and the on-campus child-rearing support center.

the post-graduate course

This is a 2-year course entered by those who have graduated from the Junior College and will continue their studies. By acquiring the prescribed credits, you can obtain a higher-level license than the kindergarten teacher license you get at the Junior College. We provide thorough small-group learning, with a prescribed minimum of 10 students per class.

Overview of the University

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